Terms of Agreement:

Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully. It is the policy of Dusty Corners Ltd to strictly enforce its Terms of Agreement in the event of any dispute.


1. About this Contract:

1.1  Our Terms and Conditions represent a contract which comes into force on agreeing the time and a date to commence for specific cleaning requirements to be undertaken. This contract is made between Dusty Corners Ltd and you, the Client/Company.

1.2  You agree that any use of the services that is provided by Dusty Corners Ltd shall constitute your acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.

1.3  Dusty Corners Ltd reserve the right to change, without notice, any part or condition or wording of these Terms and Conditions.


2. Service:

2.1  If the Client/Company is not happy with the standard of the agreed level of service provided by Dusty Corners Ltd, we will endeavour to rectify this within an appropriate time scale. Providing we are made aware and notified of this within 24hours of the last service by emailing enquiries@dustycorners.co.uk or telephoning 07921 065235.

2.2  All Dusty Corners Ltd employees under-go an induction training programme, prior to commencing any service with you.

2.3  Dusty Corners Ltd employees are not permitted to move any items of heavy furniture that may cause secondary damage to floors, carpets etc. It is the Clients/Companies responsibility to ensure that Dusty Corners Ltd employees have full, clear access to the property being cleaned.

2.4  Dusty Corners Ltd reserves the right to amend scheduled cleans/services if necessary due to staff sickness etc. This will always try to be avoided but in circumstances where this cannot be we will work with you to rearrange another suitable time for the services required.

2.5  Any cleaning task that has not been agreed, should be requested and approved if requires by a telephone call to Dusty Corners first.

2.6  Where parking is not available at the Client/Customer premises and subsequently parking charges apply. Dusty Corners Ltd are not liable for these costs and it is the Clients/Companies /responsibility to pay costs occurred.


3. Additional Services:

3.1  All ironing is carried out at the Clients home and you the Client are expected to provide all the materials and equipment needed for this service, as well as access to water and electricity for our staff. Our ironing service can be booked as a stand-alone service but this will occur an additional charge. However, when booked alongside a home clean this will not occur. This service is charged at an hourly rate and a minimum of 1 hour is needed to be booked, the number of items are unlimited within this hour. Please be aware that larger items i.e. bedding will take longer and therefore less items will be ironed as a result within that hour. 

3.2  Our inside car clean service is provided as an additional service to a home clean. We do not offer this as a stand-alone service.

3.3  With our oven cleaning service please note that we offer a general clean which includes the extractor, hob, inside the over and glass. Please also note that this is not a commercial or industrial oven cleaning service. Occasionally two clean/ additional time may be required, please ask for more information. This service can be booked as a stand-alone service without a home clean. But please note additional costs may occur, please ask for more information.

3.4   Our indoor window cleaning service is a stand-alone service. Minimum of one hour, prices vary from £15.00.  

3.5  Gardening maintenance service please contact for more information. Landscape gardening also available.

3.6  Fridge and freezer clean service is provided as an additional service to a home clean. We do not offer this as a stand-alone service at this current time. The Client is responsible for defrosting freezers before the service commences and Dusty Corners Ltd take no responsibility for loss of food goods if they are not responsibly stored while this service is being undertaken.

3.7  De-Cluttering service Dusty Corners Ltd will not be responsible for the disposal of any items and instead this is the responsibility of the Client. Instead our staff will support you to help de-clutter, tidy and organise areas/rooms within your property.

3.8  With our maid for the day service, Dusty Corners Ltd will not undertake any direct personal care elements for the Client or provide any support in regards to medication. Our staff are not permitted to undertake any tasks that have not been prior agreed by Senior Management.

3.9  Home Maintenance and Building Service, please make contact with Dusty Corners Ltd for any building or maintenance requirements you may have.


4. Pricing and Payment Terms:

4.1  All payments to be made within 5 days of the cleaning service or any other service provided.

4.2  Prices are subject to review at any time.


5. Cancellation:

5.1  Any cancellation or re-arrangement to any scheduled or regular service, a minimum of 24 hours notice by direct telephone call to Dusty Corners Ltd is required. (Not to be arranged with an employee) otherwise the full cleaning service charge of the service amount will be applicable and invoiced. Even if the work has not been undertaken.


6. Security and Health and Safety:

6.1  Dusty Corners Ltd undertakes to provide absolute security for your keys and private data at all times.


7. Equipment:

7.1  Dusty Corners Ltd employees are strictly instructed not to use any Client/Customer appliances in your home unless otherwise directed to do so by the senior management of The Company or approved by the Client/Company.


8. Equal Opportunities:

7.1 Dusty Corners Ltd is an equal opportunities employer. We recruit our staff on the basis of their ability to do the job and aim to ensure that all our staff are treated equally regardless of ethnic origin, religion, sex, age, marital status, nationality, sexual orientation or disability.


9. Insurance/ Compensation:

9.1  Dusty Corners Ltd has public liability insurance.

9.2  Damage to/ loss of property must be reported immediately in any event. In the event of damage or loss senior management will investigate and deal with accordingly to achieve a satisfactory outcome for both parties.

9.3  In an unlikely event that the Client/Company is unhappy with the service provided by Dusty Corners Ltd, please contact Senior Management on telephone number 07921 065235 or email enquiries@dustycorners.co.uk.